Didactics, Journal Clubs, and Visiting Professors

We offer unmatched education opportunities. Learn from not only our world class faculty but from other leaders in Hand and Plastic surgery.

Hand Course Visiting Professors

  • 2010: Prosper Benhaim, MD
  • 2011: John Agee, MD and Karen Schultz-Johnson, MS, OT/CHT
  • 2012: Richard Berger, MD PhD and Susan Michlovitz, PhD, PT/CHT
  • 2013: Amy Ladd, MD
  • 2014: Peter Stern, MD and Rebecca von der Heyde, PhD, OT/CHT
  • 2015: John Luban, MD and Terri Wolfe, OT/CHT
  • 2016: Don Lalonde, MD and Amanda Higgins, OT/CHT
  • 2017: Scott Steinmann, MD and Julie Adams, MD
  • 2018: Jeffery Greenberg, MD
  • 2019: Steve Moran, MD and Virginia O’Brien, OT/CHT
  • 2021: Amy Moore, MD, FACS
  • 2022: Fraser Leversedge, MD 

Sack Lectureship Visiting Professors

  • 2014: Peter Stern, MD  “Man’s Inhumanity to Man”
  • 2015: Scott Wolfe, MD  “Scapholunate Injuries: Repair, Replace, Regroup”
  • 2016: Anne Ouellette, MD  “DRUJ Instabiilty: Repair, Reconstruct, Herbert Sling”
  • 2017: Lee Osterman, MD  “Can’t Shake Hands with an iPhone”
  • 2018: Neil Jones, MD  “The Art and Science of Tendon Transfers for Post-Traumatic Reconstruction of the Hand”
  • 2019: Allen Bishop, MD  “Music and Hand Surgery”