Clinical Experience


University of Washington Combined Hand Fellowship 3-Month Clinical Rotations.

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UWMC - Huang/Iannuzzi

Monday - NWH OR (Kennedy)
Tuesday - UWMC Roosevelt Clinic (Huang)
Wednesday - UW Roosevelt OR (1st/3rd: Iannuzzi, 2nd/4th: Miller)
Thursday - UW Roosevelt OR (Huang)
Friday - 1st/3rd: HMC WISH, Cadaver in AM; Roosevelt Clinic in PM
Friday - 2nd/4th: UWMC PAV OR

HMC/SCH I - Friedrich/Kennedy

Monday - HMC OR (Friedrich)
Tuesday - SCH Clinic AM; SCH OR PM
Wednesday - HMC Clinic (Kennedy)
Thursday - HMC WISH in AM; HMC Clinic in PM (Friedrich)
Friday - HMC OR (Kennedy)

HMC/SCH II - Hanel

Monday - HMC Clinic
Tuesday - SCH Bellevue Clinic
Wednesday - HMC OR
Thursday - SCH Bellevue OR
Friday - HMC WISH, Cadaver/Research

UWMC/HMC - Vedder/Kao

Monday - HMC Clinic (Vedder)
Tuesday - HMC OR (Vedder vs. Miller)
Wednesday - NWH Clinic AM (Kao), UWMC Clinic PM (Vedder)
Thursday - HMC OR (Kao)
Friday - NWH OR AM (Kao), HMC Clinic PM (Miller)

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Operative Experience

Please see our Program Summary Report for statistics on the number and types of cases our fellows and residents are typically involved in.

Clinical Experience


The Hand Fellowship experience includes all hand and wrist conditions from bread and butter cases to complex traumas and elective reconstructions, including tendon transfers, finger and wrist arthroplasty, wrist arthroscopy, and functional muscle transfers.


Full spectrum of soft tissue reconstruction including local, regional, and free flaps. The UW Combined Hand Service provides soft tissue coverage for all upper and lower extremity traumas at Harborview Medical Center.


Harborview Medical Center is the only Level 1 Trauma Center and Replant Center in the WWAMI region (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho). As such, our fellows are exposed to a high volume of replants/revascularizations and mangled extremities.


Full spectrum of elbow pathology and treatment including arthroscopy, fractures, post-traumatic reconstructions, arthroplasty, and contracture release with Dr. Hanel, Dr. Huang, Dr. Iannuzzi, and Dr. Kennedy.

Brachial Plexus

Fellows will have exposure to evaluation and treatment of adult and pediatric brachial plexus injuries with Dr. Friedrich, Dr. Kao, and Dr. Tse, including exploration of acute traumatic brachial plexus injuries, nerve transfers, and tendon transfers.


Congenital upper extremity experience at Seattle Children's Hospital with Dr. Hanel and Dr. Friedrich.

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